What is defiville?

Welcome to DeFiVille, a strange world made of farmers, seasons and animals. You can see this 2D game as a social experiment, where the community is put on top of the platform and every decision is made using governance mechanisms. The community will be driven by accomplishing challenges and common goals. Oh….and there is a secret treasure to find.

What is island?

$ISLAND is the token of Defiville

What are the tokenomics of island?

Total $ISLAND supply: 7.000.000
Circulating supply at launch: 0
Season 1: 1.000.000
Governance treasury: 1.000.000

Why are you launching defiville?

Defiville is a new concept of yield farming gamified that will evolve as the time progress. Different season has different goals and it will introduce new concepts like NFTs and other cool stuff. The project will be 100% community led, so everyone gets a fair share of what the future of DefiVille will look like.

What is the roadmap for defiville?

Defiville is divided into seasons. You can think of seasons like sprints or projects on a roadmap. Different seasons will last until the pools will stop emitting ISLAND tokens. Before each season the community gets to propose and vote for new proposals and change the course of the history of DefiVille.

Who are you?

We are a small team of 2 crypto enthusiast that wanted to create something different that wasn't a fork of another project.
On top of that we wanted to make something unique, in a good way.
We started Defiville with the sole purpose of having fun and engaging with a community of like minded people and we didn't think about "how much can we make out of this".
At the current state of the project we have spent countless hours working on this project and financing it all using our hard earned ETH.
We are not rich and we are still working a classic 9 to 5 job.
We have reserved a small amount of ISLA for ourself to mainly pay for gas and other expenses related to the project, so don't worry, we won't rug you or dump on you. We are here for the long run and to see where we can go with this project.
If afterall it won't be successful it will be a really nice experience, shared with a bunch of degen along the way.
If you want to see who we are check the links below.

Fabio Monzani
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Andrea Zuccarini
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Smart contract

You can check the smart contract here:

ISLA Smart Contract

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