An experimental metaverse for

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The original gamified farming experience

Launched in January 2021, the goal of Defiville was to stand out from the ordinary copy-paste farms on Ethereum and offer a different experience built around the community.

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Listen to your favourite NFT artists

Nifty Music was originally launched as the Pirate Radio on Defiville, quickly growing in popularity we decided it deserved a special place on its own.

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Pirates of Defiville

is an upcoming original Defiville project that aims to redefine randomly generated NFTs collections with a unique take.

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Defiville is a community project first, governed by the people of the island and holder of the ISLA token.

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The ISLA token is a utility token and it is being used inside the virtual world of Defiville. It can be used for voting at governance proposal, being rewarded for providing liquidity or simply helping the community grow and in the near future as an in-game currency.

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